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Jinhua Xinhui Lighting Co.,Ltd. is a professional corporation specialized in OEM and ODM services, R&D and manufacturing of LED architectural and commercial lighting.

The founder of Jinhua Xinhui Lighting Co.,Ltd.has 12 years of purchasing working experience in American giant company and know how the overseas importers operate their supply chains and what services they want, we know what our customer really needs, and we also have strong knowledge of how LED lighting industry evolves, how each single LED light is being manufactured, how to control quality, our company is committing to provide the best factory direct price, quality and lighting solutions to customers.

Jinhua Xinhui Lighting Co.,Ltd. product line covers both indoor and outdoor lighting such as LED Downlight, UFO High bay Light, LED Canopy, LED Street Light, LED Parking Lot Light, LED Camera Security Light, etc.
Our high performance LED lighting has tremendous and comprehensive applications such as restaurants, hotels, coffee shops, supermarkets, retail chain stores, shopping malls, apparel stores, hospitals, schools, museums, outdoor places etc.
Jinhua Xinhui Lighting Co.,Ltd.isa corporation with international visions and ambitions and has strong co-operations with customers from Europe, North America, Oceania and South America which include UK, Germany, France, Bulgaria, Netherlands, Canada, USA, Australia, South , Chile, Brazil, etc.
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