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publish:2020-10-30 15:20:02  

Bathroom downlights can be used to create a relaxed ambience and bright functional lighting. LED recessed luminaires in the bathroom add to the overall decor of the space and pair well with existing sconces and light bars to ensure you have plenty of light output. Unlike sconces or light from a flush ceiling light, recessed fixtures mount inside of the ceiling, adding a functional element to the bathroom without taking up too much room on the ceiling. And these can lights are damp and wet rated for use in spaces exposed to moisture, making them ideal for shower and bath lighting.

How to Choose the Best Bathroom Recessed Lighting
Before you buy new recessed lighting fixtures for your bathroom, it is important to determine the housing type required. Recessed housings are either available for remodeled homes or new construction homes and you will need to verify which one is right for your bathroom's ceiling. Further, certain housings are required for ceilings with insulation to ensure safe lighting at all times. You will also need to determine the correct size to install in your bathroom ceiling. Recessed trims are available in a range of sizes from 3" to 6" and will need to be accommodated by the right size of housing. If you have any questions about the bathroom downlights featured here, please send us an email by sales7@xinhuileds.com

Best recommended recessed downlights for bathrooms
A minimum of an IP44 rating is recommended for lighting installed in zones 2 and 3 of a bathroom. As a leading recessed lighting manufacturer, we recommended follow adjustable, cct dimmable,  anti-glare recessed lighting products for your bathroom, so you can choose any colour temperatures and lumens you want.

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