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How To Choose LED Recessed DownLights - 6 Technique Tips of Recessed Lighting Buying Guide | Xinhui Lighting

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publish:2020-10-24 10:07:08  

Recessed downlights can be a stylish and functional addition to your home, there are more and more products in global recessed downlights market. Whether you’re buying recessed downlights online or in the store, there are so many options. In this article, you will learn 6 basic technique tips for choosing recessed lighting, there are: size, type, color temperature, brightness, beam angle, color rendering index. This guide will give you the rundown on what you need to know about getting the right recessed lights for your needs.


Modern LED downlights range in size from 2-inches to 8-inches. Most homes use 4-inch and 6-inch downlights, while 8" and larger items are more likely to be used in commercial lighting.

So, when you are replacing an existing light fixture, you need to measure the hole or your existing fixture before making your purchase. You should consider whether you want to match its size to keep everything consistent. Surface mount downlights can either be installed with a J-box as a flush mount, where the fixture is visible on the ceiling or installed in a larger size recessed housing.

What size looks good? Consider the scale of the room. It’s been common practice to use large lights for general lighting and small lights for task and accent lighting.

Color Temperature

Consider what the space will be used for will help you pick the right color temperature. Lower Kelvin lights are warmer, giving off a yellow glow similar to incandescents or the glow from a fireplace. Higher Kelvin lights are a stark white or blue. This light is better for concentration, reading, and task lighting. The three most common color temperatures are warm white (2700K), soft white (3000K), and daylight (4000K or 5000K).


The brightness of LED recessed downlights is given in lumens, not watts like incandescent lamps of the past. Don’t make the mistake of comparing watts between LED lights to compare brightness. Some LEDs are more efficient than others and therefore use less watts to produce the same or more lumens.

Consider whether your space need a higher lumen light. In spaces where you want more light, please choose a high lumen light fixture and a higher wattage will usually give off more lumens.

Beam Angle

The beam angle is the amount of light that spreads from the downlight and can be measured in degrees. Most have a beam angle of 45° because they are recessed. By contrast, a regular light bulb would have a 360° beam angle.

Because they are recessed, we recommend selecting downlights with a wider beam (of 60°) if you want soft diffuse lighting in the living room. If you are looking at downlights for the kitchen, however, a narrower beam (of 25°) angle is preferable because it will give you a concentrated light, perfect for when you need to illuminate surfaces and focus on smaller details within the room.

Color Rendering Index

Referred to as CRI, it is the measurement of a light’s ability to display colors accurately in comparison to an ideal or natural light source. Using LEDs with a high CRI is important because it means that when the light illuminates a room or an object, the colors will appear as they were intended.

The LED lights you choose should have a CRI of 90 or higher.

Color rendering index (CRI) is the measurement of a light’s ability to display colors accurately in comparison to an ideal or natural light source. The index is measured from 0-100, generally, a CRI of 80 - 90 will be within the range of accurate colour rendering. If prefer to have your lights rendering beautiful, vibrant tones across the full-colour spectrum we recommend a high CRI (90+) or higher.


LED recessed downlights usually go in ceilings, but you can stick them in walls and in the ground too. Do you want to buy recessed downlights for general or task lighting? Home lighting or commercial lighting? Then you will choose the right downlights easily.

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